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Sarah's great-grandparents, Richard and Elizabeth (Chamberlayne) Ridgway, left their home in Wallingford, Berks, England with their young son, Thomas, to seek their fortunes in the New World. They headed for London, whence they sailed in September 1679, aboard the vessel "Jacob and Mary". They landed in America at Burlington, West Jersey. Richard soon bought 218 acres of land in a new English settlement on the west bank of the Delaware River called Crewcorne, the first such venture into the territory to become Pennsylvania. Crewcorne reportedly was in what is now Bucks Co. Their second son, Richard, was reportedly the first white child born in Pennsylvania territory. In all, Richard and Elizabeth are known to have had six children together, four of them growing to maturity. Elizabeth passed away in 1692 at Crewcorne.

Richard remarried a year later, to Abigail, daughter of Richard and Abigail Stockton. Abigail was born in England. They married at Springfield Township, Burlington Co, NJ, where they soon took up residence. Richard served as County Judge there for the period 1700-1720. Richard died about March 1723, and Sarah died about December 1726, apparently both in Springfield Twp.

Sarah's grandfather, Thomas Ridgway, and father, Thomas Ridgway, Jr, were eldest sons. Thomas (1) married Ann Pharo in 1699. Thomas (2) was born 14 March 1701 and married Mary Ong on 9 January 1723. Thomas and Mary had children Jeremiah, Ann, Sarah, Thomas, John and Job.

This is what Leah Blackman says about Thomas (1): "Thomas Ridgway must have come to Egg Harbor soon after his marriage, for it appears that all of his children were born in Egg Harbor. It is probable that he married his second wife a short time before his death. He died when about forty-seven years of age.

"When the settlement of Little Egg Harbor was instituted, Thomas Ridgway was one of the early emigrants to that locality. He located on the farm now owned (1879) and occupied by Amos Ridgway. It has always been considered one of the best farms in the township of Little Egg Harbor. He resided on this farm until his death, which occurred in the year 1724. He must have died in the prime of life. He was one of the elders of the Friends' meeting, and from certain documents of that time it is evident that he was highly respected and deeply lamented by the members of the Society to which he was attached; and Edward Andrews in his will styles him "my loving friend, Thomas Ridgway," in whom he placed great confidence, leaving him to assist his widow in the oversight of her business affairs and the management of her children.

"After Thomas Ridgway came to Egg Harbor he became the owner of several farms, and also of a number of tracts of valuable cedar swamp."

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Caution should be exercised when using "History of Little Egg Harbor" and "Ridgways in the USA" (below) as regards the children of Caleb and Sarah (Ridgway) Carr. Blackman intermixed the children of Caleb Carr with children of other Carr marriages, as well as with Catherine, the widow of Job Carr. The authors of the Ridgway book seem to have relied heavily on Blackman's book to compile the data in "Ridgway in the USA" on pages 19-21. To the reader's peril, they present as fact, without sources, what Blackman had only rendered as a possibility. Methot's book is a welcome companion to Blackman and should be used in concert regarding Ridgway. The errors in Carr entries are not corrected in Methot.


History of Little Egg Harbor, Leah Blackman [1879; reprinted 1963, Tuckerton, NJ] pp 225-227, 262-281
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Note for:   Isaac Carr,   10 MAR 1757 - 09 FEB 1814         Index

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Isaac Carr was one of the owners of the iron works in Mount Holly, NJ. In 1785, he bought three lots on Garden Street, Mount Holly, where he built a three-story brick house on the center lot. After Isaac died, his widow, Mary, and her sister, Ann Reeves, sold Quaker bonnets from their home. Samuel Carr, (Isaac's brother?), built Colonial House at 111 Garden Street. ("The History of Mount Holly, NJ", by Henry C Shinn, Sept 1957, pg 72)

"The Relief Fire Company of Mount Holly" was formed at a special meeting on May 9, 1805, held by Isaac Carr. (ibid, pg 42)

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William W Hinshaw Index To New Jersey Quaker Meeting Records Evesham Monthly Meeting (Estab. 1760 by Haddonfield Mo. Mtg (Vol IV) (1990, Kokomo, IN)

CARR listings, pg 24

Apr 19, 1781 Isaac, son of Caleb & -----, Burlington Co., NJ, married Sarah
        RISDON; at Chester Mtg. House, [Morris Co] NJ

RISDON listings, pg 160

Apr 19, 1781 Sarah, daughter of John and Sarah, of Burlington Co, NJ, married Isaac CARR, at Chester Meeting House, NJ.

The listing for John and Sarah Risdon in this same source does not include a daughter Sarah, so one can assume this is a different family or an omission has been made.

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William Wade Hinshaw Index To New Jersey Quaker Meeting Records
Mount Holly Monthly Meeting (Estab. 1776 by Burlington Mo. Mtg at Burlington Quarterly Meeting (Vol II) (1990, Kokomo, IN)

CARR listings, pg 24

Apr 4, 1781 Isaac, granted certificate to Evesham Monthly Mtg to marry

Nov 12, 1800 Isaac, son of Caleb & Sarah, Burlington Co., NJ, married Mary
        REEVES; at Mt Holly Mtg. House

        Children of Isaac and his second wife, Mary:
        Jane b. Apr 26, 1801
        Isaac b. Feb 14, 1803
        Rachel b. Jul 11, 1806 d. Jun 19, 1807
        Hannah b. Jul 20, 1808
        Henry Reeve b. Jul 20, 1810

REEVES listings, pg 77-79

Nov 12, 1800 Mary, daughter of Henry and Rachel, of Burlington Co, NJ, married Isaac CARR, at Mt Holly Meeting House

Henry born Oct 21, 1742 and died Apr 2, 1809
Rachel, his wife, born Mar 1, 1746 and died Dec 4, 1810
Isaiah born Jan 27, 1766
Joel born Oct 14, 1767
Abigal born Mar 22, 1770
Eli born Mar 9, 1773 died Jun 5, 1813
Sarepta born Jan 17, 1774
Mary born Feb 29, 1776
Abraham born Jul 29, 1778
Rachel born Jun 8, 1781
Henry Jr born Mar 7, 1783
David born Aug 2, 1786
Zachariah born Jan 2, 1789
Ann born Feb 19, 1791
Rachel born Aug 23, 1793

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1850 New Jersey Census
Burlington County
Mount Holly 247/262 pg 411

Mary Carr 73 F NJ $2,000 [Mary (Reeves) Carr]
Jane Carr 50 F NJ [daughter]
Hannah Gaskill 42 F NJ [daughter]
Henry R Carr 40 M NJ Brushmaker [son]
Henry Gaskill 20 M PA Glasscutter [g'son]
Mary Gaskill 18 F NJ [g'dau]
Jane Gaskill 14 F NJ [g'dau] in school
William Gaskill 12 M NJ [g'son] in school
Charles Pennington Carr 10 M OH [g'son?] in school
Lydia Sharp 19 F NJ [boarder?]

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Edson Carr, "Carr Family Records" (1894), pg 90

"[Isaac] died at Mt Holly, NJ, and his will was dated Feb 2, 1814."

************************************************************************** *
Isaac Carr's will, Burlington 1814
Received in Book A of Wills page 593 in the Surrogates Office of the County of Burlington Brown, Surrog. 12706C

In the name of God Amen. I Isaac Carr of Mount Holly in the County of Burlington and State of New Jersey do make and ordain this my last will and testament. Imprimus I order and direct all my just debts and funerial charges to be fully paid and satisfied by my Executors hereinafter named as soon as conveniently may be after my Decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Dear Wife Mary the sum of two thousand Dollars one thousand Dollars thereof to be paid her at my Decease another remaining one thousand Dollars to be paid her by my Executors herein after named in one year after my Decease.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Dear Wife Mary two Beds - Bedsteads and beddingn Six chairs one Bureau and kitchen furniture - two Breakfast tables and Six kitchen chairs to be selected by her from my furniture of her discretion. Also, I give devise and bequeath unto my said Wife Mary the White House and lot of land in Garden Street now in the tenure of Gamaliel Bailey to hold to the said Mary during the time she remains my Widow or during her natural life in case she should so long remain my Widow -- And I do hereby order my Executors hereafter named to repair the said House from out of my said Estate at their discretion --
Item, I do hereby give to my said wife Mary one year's provisions for herself and my children who are all to reside with her for one year after my Decease Item, I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Sarah one Bed Bedstead and Bedding-- one Breakfast table, one bureau & 4 chairs to be selected by her from my furniture after the choice made by my wife Mary.
Item I give and bequeath unto my Daughter Jane one bed bedstead and bedding one bureau one breakfast table and six chairs to be by her selected, from my furniture after the choices of my Wife and Daughter aforesaid --
Item I give and bequeath unto my Son Isaac my best Silver Watch --
Item I give and beqeath unto my Sister Mary Scott Wife of Barzillai Scott the Sun of fifteen Dollars to be paid by my Executors hereafter named at my Decease And further I give and devise unto the said Mary Scott the House and lot where she now Dwells on Water Street to hold to her during her Natural life --
Item I give and bequeath unto my Wife and two Daughters Jane and Sarah the carpeting and table linen now making by my family to be divided by them in equal proportions.
Item It is my will and I do hereby so ordain it that the bequests and Devises herein before made and given to my wife are in full [] and Satisfaction of her Right of Dowes [] and to all my Estate and property --
Item All the rest residue and remaining of my Estate Real Personal and Mixed I order my Executors hereinafter named to sell and convey or lease the same or any part thereof at their discretions and good and sufficiently Deeds of Conveyances or Leases to execute and deliver to the purchaser or purchasors or lessees for the same -- and the money arising from such sales of all or any part of my Estate to be divided into seven equal parts -- two equal seventh parts of which I give to my Son Isaac two Equal seventh parts I give to my Son Henry R Carr one seventh part I give to my Daughter Sarah one seventh part I give to my Daughter Jane, and the remaining seventh part I give to my daughter Hannah -- Which said shares are to be placed at interest until the Daughters shall severally arrive to the age of eighteen and the sons shall formally attain the age of twenty one years -- when they shall be entitled to receive their several proportions in the meantime the interest arising from such [] shall be appropriated to the support of each of my said children -- and in case the said property apart thereof should not be sold, then the rest of said property shall be paid to the support of the said children in the propertions and manner herein before set forth.
Item -- It is my will and I do hereby direct my Executors of the Decease of my said Wife or of my Sister Mary Scott that they sell and convey the said Houses herein before divised to them during their lives and the Money arising from such sale to be divided among my said three Daughters and two Sons in the proportions and in the manner and Way herein before mentioned for the distribution of my other property --
Lastly, I do hereby nominate and appoint my Brother Samuel Carr and my friend Job Bishop Executors of this my Last Will and Testament.
In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this second day of February eighteen hundred and fourteen 1814

signed Issac Carr

witnessed by Sarah Haines, Caleb Clothier and John Neal

certified by witnesses and executors on 11 Apr 1814.

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Inventory of the Personal Estate of Isaac Carr, dec'd
Burlington 1814, Apr 25
Recorded in Book A of Inventories page 404 in the Surrogates Office of the County of Burlington Brown, Surrog. 12706C

A true and perfect inventory of and singular the goods chattels rights and credits of Isaac Carr late of Mount Holly in the county of Burlington and state of New Jersey deceased made this 13th day of the second month AD Eighteen Hundred and fourteen 1814.

Personal Apparl 75.88
Reuben Haines. . . Notes 1,000.00
Bonds Notes and Recpts 3,090.18
Amount of Sundries in Back Room 92.00
Amount of Sundries in Parlor 25.50
Amount of Sundries in Entry 17.70
Amount of Sundries in Garret 5.60
Amount of Sundries in third story 15.75
Amount of Sundries in second story 113.07
Amount of Sundries in seller --------
-------- Room No 1 -------------------------- 13.20
Amount of Sundries in Room
        No 2 ---------------------------------- 31.25
Amount of Sundries in Kitchen ----
        ---- Chamber --------- -------------- 29.50
Amount of horses cows waggons ploughs --

(page ends; $670.60 missing)

Amount Brought Over $5,180.23

Schooner Favourite 300.00
1800 Thounsand feet of ship plant 20$ 36.00
200 Hundred feet of scanthing @ 1$ 2.00
1000 saw logs at J.H. @ $12 per thousand 12.00
4 -- cords of wood @ $3 per cord 12.00
one half of the Sloop Black Duck 200.00
12 Bushels potatoes @ 40 cents 4.80
spacifick legacies to the widow
Sarah Jane and Isaac 353.22

Due Bill from Joel Reeves 16.00

signed and certified,
Joel Reves & D Bullock [David Bullock], appraisers
Samuel Carr & Job Bishop, executors