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1803 Louisiana Territory Purchased
1805 Lewis and Clark reach Pacific
1812 - 1814 War of 1812 with Britain
1846 War w/Mexico,Calif & NM acquired
1861 - 1865 Civil War, North vs. South
1754 - 1763 Anglo-French War
1773 Boston Tea Party tax rebellion
1775 - 1783 Revolutionary War
1776 Declaration of Independence
1789 George Washington first president
1681 La Salle explores Louisiana
1700 American colonies prosper
1720 Texas becomes Spanish possession
1735 Freedom of press established
1740 Colony population = 1.5 million
 Joseph Shreve
 b.1689 Burlington Co, NJ
 d.1757 Mansfield, NJ
 Caleb Shreve
 b.1721 Mansfield, NJ
 d.1786 Burlington Co, NJ
 Hope Harding
 b.1694 Burlington Co, NJ
 Job Shreve
 b.1755 Mansfield, NJ
 d.1826 Upper Springfield Twp, NJ
 Isaac Antram
 b.1699 Springfield, NJ
 d.1744 Burlington Co, NJ
 Abigail Antram
 b.1721 Burlington Co, NJ
 d.1800 Mansfield, NJ
 Jane Ridgway
 b.1700 Springfield, NJ
 Abigail Shreve
 Zebulon Gauntt
 b.1694 Springfield, NJ
 d.1772 Springfield, NJ
 Samuel Gauntt
 b.1717 Springfield, NJ
 d.1787 Springfield Twp, NJ
 Sophia Shourds
 b.1698 Germantown, PA
 Elizabeth Gauntt
 b.1763 Burlington Co, NJ
 d.1827 Upper Springfield Twp, NJ
 Samuel Woolman
 b.1689 Mt Holly, NJ
 d.1755 Mansfield, NJ
 Hannah Woolman
 b.1726 Northampton Twp, NJ
 d.1795 Burlington Co, NJ
 Elizabeth Hudson Burr
 b.1696 Mt Holly, NJ
 d.1773 Mt Holly, NJ