Genealogy Documents
Warren * Pleas * Maris * Pickering
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    I hope to post more genealogy-related information here,
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    documents such as Quaker marriage certificates.

Essay on Life by Samuel W. Pickering (1791-1842)
    This document is a Microsoft Publisher pamphlet layout, printed
    2-sided, 2 pages per sheet of paper.
Sampler by Elizabeth Walton 1816 (1806-1839) -
    "E Walton her work 1816"
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Warren * Pleas * Maris * Pickering Genealogy
What a view!  Sunset
Pickering Farm in
Bucks County,
Warren Farm in
Frank Maris and Anna
Pickering at Woodbourne.
Painting by
Benjamin West that
includes our
ancestor John West.
         Quaker Marriage Certificates

[1821]   Marriage Certificate of Samuel W.
Pickering and Mary Ann Eddy
Pickering-Eddy Marriage Certificate - side 1
Certificate - side 2
Close up of signatures - 1
Close up of signatures - 2
Close up of signatures - 3
Version of Certificate typed by me
[1864]   Marriage Certificate of Edward Pickering
(1835-1919)  and Rebecca Rowlett 1841-1913)  
(Photo of original Certificate)
jpg of Marriage Certificate (small - 87kb)
jpg of Marriage Certificate (large - 6,468kb)
Edward Pickering and Rebecca Rowlett
(Word document)

[1754]   Peter Phipps and Mary Chapman (Word
[1714]   Marriage Certificate of Samuel Woolman
(1690-1755) and Elizabeth Burr (1696-1793)
Samuel Woolman and Elizabeth Burr were
the parents of John Woolman and my 6th
great-grandparents.  The Original of the
Certificate was in the possession of Rachel
Haines Hilliard, Rancocas, New Jersey, and
is reprinted in the Journal of John Woolman,
with Preface by Amelia Mott Gummere,